Shop when price drops

Amazon changes prices millions of times every day, we'll place the order for you when the price drops below your set target price

  •   We'll buy at your target price
  •   Get alerted when it's a great deal
  •   Synchronize with your public wish lists

Login without hassle

  • Use Amazon to log into Waatcher without another password to remember.
  • Amazon does not share your password with Waatcher.

How does it work?

  1. Find a product.
  2. Set your target price.
  3. We'll place the order when the price drops.


How much does this service cost?
Waatcher service is free.

How secure is Waatcher?
We use Login with Amazon service and Amazon SSL service for encryption.

How often does Amazon change it’s price?
Amazon changes prices millions of time everyday. It depends on the season, product category, the seller and the brand. We noticed that toys prices change a lot and fashion prices barely change at all.

Who uses Waatcher?
Waatcher is great for moms, students and pretty much everyone.

When should I use Waatcher?
If you need to buy something and the price is reasonable, you should go ahead and get it. When the price is higher than what you are comfortable with then you can use Waatcher to help you get you the item at the price you want.

How does this affects sellers?
There is only one reason why a seller go on sale... to sell more. Waatcher helps seller sells more.

Hear it from our customers

Waatcher really works! I got the item I wanted with the price I wanted it to be. Amazing tool… I’m not one who’s good at looking for bargains, so this is perfect!

Melinda K.
Executive Director of PeopleSpace

I thought I give Waatcher a try and was surprised to get a great deal.

Travis D.
Startup Founder

I saved $25 and I didn't even have to do anything.

Joe H.

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