Shop when price drops

Amazon changes prices millions of times every day, we'll buy the item for you when the price drops below your set target price

  •   We'll buy at your target price
  •   Get alerted when it's a great deal

Login without hassle

  • Use Amazon to log into Waatcher without another password to remember.
  • Amazon does not share your password with Waatcher.

How does it work?

  1. Search for the products you want to buy.
  2. Set your target price.
  3. We'll buy it for you when the price drops below your target price.

What makes Waatcher great?

Waatcher gives you the tools to be a power buyer on Amazon

Valuable Features

  • Set target price and we'll buy the item for you.
  • We'll watch the price so you don't have to.
  • Get alerted when it's a great deal.
  • Watch product review videos so you know what you are buying.

Price Reports

  • See price history to analyze price trends.
  • Price analysis for highest price, lowest price and average price.
  • Deal estimate to let you know if it's a great deal.
  • Search awesome deals based on price history.

Engaging Experience

  • See price updates from watching products in Price Feed.
  • Browse similar products to the one you are looking at.
  • Infinite scroll endless pages of items.
  • No annoying banner ads taking up space.


How much does this service cost?
Waatcher service is free. What's the point of saving you money if we charge you? It just doesn’t make sense.

What differentiates Waatcher from other services?
There are many services that provide price alerts. There are services that get your money back when the price drops after you buy. A lot of theses services charge you a fee. What makes Waatcher different is that we buy the product for you and our service is free.

How secure is Waatcher?
We use Login with Amazon service and Amazon SSL service for encryption. Your credit card is stored in a CPI compliance vault service provider. We don’t store any CPI data in our system.

How often does Amazon change it’s price?
Amazon prices changes millions of time everyday. It depends on the product category, the seller and the brand. We noticed that toys prices change a lot and fashion prices barely change at all.

Do I have to give Waatcher access to my Amazon account?
No. This is a major security issue and we'll never ask you for your Amazon account info.

Awesome Deal
Wilwood 260-13190 Proportioning Valve
Wilwood from Amazon
$105.01 ( 15% off ) · just now